A banker writing about generosity – isn’t that an oxymoron?
Perhaps it makes sense to offer a few thoughts on what led to the creation of this book…

I was privileged to be born into a loving family, in Australia.  I’ve been fortunate enough to receive innumerable gifts of generosity, which have come in shapes and sizes, from people in all walks of life.

In response, I’ve tried to live by the personal creed of treating others in the way I would wish to be treated myself, with generosity. However balancing life’s many, often conflicting, roles – from mother to CEO of a bank – can be challenging.

The designer, Ana Galindo, aimed to create a book that is an artwork in itself. The showcased artists have kindly allowed their work to be shared.

Jenny Fagg


The Gist of Generosity

Jennifer (Jenny) Fagg currently lives in Sydney with her husband, Tony Kynaston, and her daughter, Alex Kynaston, who is studying Fine Arts.

Born and educated in Australia, Jenny has worked in financial services in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of ANZ National Bank Limited, New Zealand’s largest bank.

Jenny holds a PhD in Management (Risk) from the University of Sydney.

A long-time advocate for diversity, Jenny has established, sponsored and mentored women and LGBTQ+ networks in workplaces. She is an active member of Chief Executive Women (Australia).

Spacecraft Publishing (ACN 163 119 300) is a boutique publishing company, established by Tony in Australia.


Editors Emma Vere-Jones and Jane Gilmour
Designer Ana Galindo
Principal Photographer Thomas Blanchard
Graphic Designer and Photographer Brent Carswell
Creative Consultant Alex Kynaston
Publisher Spacecraft Publishing
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